Experience, Professionalism and Competence

The Law Firm of Masina and Occhionero Lawyers is located in the heart of Siena, a short walk from Piazza del Campo.

The Attorneys Masina and Occhionero lead the law firm. In addition, three legal experts collaborate with them.

Branches of activity

Civil Law

The law firm follows all branches of the civil law, from the judicial phase to the possible trial throughout Italy. We also offer legal domiciliation. We offer a punctual and precise service at low cost.

Criminal Law

Lawyer Giorgio Masina gained his experience by dealing with the most relevant facts in the Sienese area. He follows every case from the preliminary investigations till the possible trial. He ensures his clients the greatest discretion and a personal approach.

Family law and inheritance

We focus on separations and divorces, also between spouses of different nationalities, custody of children, acknowledgment and disclaimer of paternity, inheritance of foreigners in Italy and of Italians abroad. We also deal with the drafting of wills and prenuptial agreements.

Real Estate Law

We focus on the division of goods and dissolution of communities both judicially and extra-judicially. We provide assistance in all practical and legal aspects of purchases and sales of properties: From holiday homes to farms in the most famous wine areas of the region. We also offer assistance, advice and drafting of contracts in English and German.

Commercial law and international contracts

We offer legal advice for those who are interested in forming a company. We assist clients to find the most suitable form to achieve the purpose they have chosen. We support them with the drafting of social statutes and with the solution of legal and technical problems related to the formation of a company, even when controlled by foreign associates. We offer both judicial and extra-judicial assistance related to purchase, merger of companies, spin-off, governance and responsibility actions, and withdraw. We will offer you assistance with management of the contract negotiations with counterparts of different nationalities, drafting of contracts in English and German. Also, we will assist you in finding the competent jurisdiction and all relevant clauses in the cross-border relationships.

Employment law

Lawyer Gianluca Occhionero deals with employment law and he assists both companies and workers by managing the issues extra-judicially and judicially. His activity covers several areas: from private issues to the reorganization of the employees. He draws on the help of a Labor consultancy firm. He also offers advice with the identification of the competent jurisdiction and the applicable law in case of foreign workers and/or Italian workers resident abroad.

Traffic accidents e road sanctions

We offer our clients assistance with requests for damages caused by road accidents and appeals against: Road sanctions for breaching the traffic laws, suspension and cancellation of driving licence (included the possible penal trial and the process before the TAR: regional administrative court).

Lease and rent

We offer drafting of rent contracts for residential use and commercial rent contracts, termination of the rent or lease contracts and of the agreements for business leases or branches of companies. Furthermore, we will support you with eviction procedures because of arrearage or expire of the lease.

International and European law

We have a deep knowledge of the European law and international conventions. We deal with their practical application to the cases involving natural and legal persons, that are subject to different laws and/or based in different countries, especially in the branches mentioned above.

Credit Recovery and bankruptcy law

We offer extra-judicial and judicial consultation and management related to the Credit Recovery, i.e. from the request for payment to the possible execution proceedings, including the evaluation of the real chances to recover the credit. In this field, we use a well-consolidated format for the credit recovery for companies that need a systematic credit recovery activity. We also make use of trusted investigation agencies to achieve company investigations in order to make our action more effective. We are also able to request for bankruptcy and intervention in the bankruptcy procedures.

The Law Firm

The law firm of the attorneys Masina and Occhionero was founded in 2012 in Siena by the Attorneys Giorgio Masina and Gianluca Occhionero. It is one of the youngest and most dynamic law firms in Siena and probably in the whole of Tuscany. It treats not only “traditional” cases, but also legal issues and international relations. Thanks to lawyers Masina and Occhionero’s experience and to their knowledge both of the German and the Anglo-Saxon legal situation, it is possible to overcome the linguistic and cultural problems, inherent to cross-border cases. The Law Firm is located in the heart of Siena, a few steps from the square Piazza del Campo.
A secondary office is located in Montepulciano, in the main square of the ‘Perla del Rinascimento’ (Piazza Grande), to assist their clients of southern Tuscany. The Attorneys Masina and Occhionero lead the law firm. In addition there are the Attorney Rocco Bencivenga, the Rechtsanwalt Thomas Röth and other two legal experts who collaborate with them. The law firm follows cases throughout Italy. It permanently collaborates with the Law Firm Liebert & Röth in Berlin to deal with cross-border cases between Italy and Germany. It also cooperates with others Law Firms located in the German-speaking area. The law firm provides thorough assistance and advice to English-speaking clients (UK and USA). However, we also offer assistance and advice to clients from other countries who choose the English language for various reasons, in some matters such as: commercial acquisitions and disposals, governance dynamics, inheritance, real estate and contracts. The law firm is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The lawyers receive by appointment only, even outside the opening hours. In case of important issues, and if required by the clients, they can go to their houses. Special attention will be paid to guarantee the utmost discretion and confidentiality of the clients.

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  • Lawyer Giorgio Masina
    Lawyer Giorgio Masina

    The lawyer Giorgio Masina, born in Rome on August 19, 1978, after having completed his Classical Studies in Montepulciano he graduated in Law in 2003 with honors from the University of Siena.

  • Lawyer Gianluca Occhionero
    Lawyer Gianluca Occhionero

    The lawyer Gianluca Occhionero, born in Cagliari, September 23, 1972, he graduated in Law in 2000 at the University of Siena

  • Rechtsanwalt Thomas Orest Rüdiger Röth
    Rechtsanwalt Thomas Orest Rüdiger Röth

    Rechtsanwalt (German Lawyer) Thomas Orest Rüdiger Röth is born in 1967 in Bavaria (Germany). Married, one son..