The Law Firm of Masina and Occhionero Lawyers is located in the heart of Siena, a short walk from Piazza del Campo.


The law firm of the attorneys Masina and Occhionero was founded in 2012 in Siena by the Attorneys Giorgio Masina and Gianluca Occhionero. It is one of the youngest and most dynamic law firms in Siena and probably in the whole of Tuscany. It treats not only “traditional” cases, but also legal issues and international relations.

Thanks to lawyers Masina and Occhionero’s experience and to their knowledge both of the German and the Anglo-Saxon legal situation, it is possible to overcome the linguistic and cultural problems, inherent to cross-border cases. The Law Firm is located in the heart of Siena, a few steps from the square Piazza del Campo.

A secondary office is located in Montepulciano, in the main square of the ‘Perla del Rinascimento’ (Piazza Grande), to assist their clients of southern Tuscany. The Attorneys Masina and Occhionero lead the law firm. In addition there are the Attorney Rocco Bencivenga, the Rechtsanwalt Thomas Röth and other two legal experts who collaborate with them. The law firm follows cases throughout Italy. It permanently collaborates with the Law Firm Liebert & Röth in Berlin to deal with cross-border cases between Italy and Germany…

The Attorneys Masina and Occhionero lead the law firm. In addition, three legal experts collaborate with them.


Giorgio Masina

Gianluca Occhionero

Thomas Orest Rüdiger Röth


Sandra Corsi

Marco Quattrocchi

Branches of activity

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Civil Law
Criminal Law
Family Law and Inheritance
Real Estate Law
Commercial Law

International Contracts
Employment Law
Labor Law
Traffic Accidents and Road Sanctions
Lease and Rent

International and European Law
Credit Recovery and Bankruptcy Law

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Siena Law Firm Masina and Occhionero Lawyers

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