All our services grouped by areas of expertise

Verbal and Write Consultation

Our law firm provides verbal and written legal advice both in the extra-judicial and judicial phases in all matters treated by the firm.

Legal Domiciliation

We provide legal domiciliation’s service both to colleagues for the judicial activity and to companies, willing to establish their head office in our law firm. We put the marvellous meeting room with frescos and view on the “Torre del Mangia” at the disposal of our clients.

Credit Recovery

Our firm follows with thoroughness all phases of the credit recovery, such as the payment request, the (European) order for payment procedure and the execution proceedings.

Powers of Attorneys, Translations and Legalisations.

We offer the drafting and the certified translation of documents in English, German and French. We also provide the certified translation in every other language by means of trusted Professional translators. Our law firm also deals with the legalisation of documents and notarized powers of attorneys towards and from foreign countries. We offer a quick and efficient service, thanks to many years of experience.


Our firm guarantees the highest level of transparency with regard to the economic aspects of our service. Basically, we operate on the basis of the lawyer’s tariff in force in Italy. With reference to the extra-judicial activity, we base on the lawyer’s tariff, otherwise we charge an hourly cost. We may also charge a lump fee. In every case the costs are pre-agreed. Particular agreements are possible with reference to the extra-judicial and judicial activity, that may take into account the achieved results.

We work to provide you with the utmost professionalism and seriousness.